CBSE Class till Tenth

To imbibe and to inculcate among the students the legitimate self-esteem and a confidence to face the challenges of the advanced decades of the 21st Century.


The aim of MES is to establish a legacy of world-class educational institutions in India and abroad.

World Class Infrastructure and Faculty

The First School to be started in Rasayani with unique features like Internet Computers, Sports, Games and Various Cultural Activities, Audio visual teaching methods.


With the ultimate mission to respect, understand, to listen to, to generate and to foster life in all its dimensions, diversity, complexity, mystery, irony, paradox and transcendency.

"We are committed to provide a holistic education based on new generation academics that creates not just powerful global career options for our students, but which empowers them to become key contributors to the community and the environment in which they live. We strive to achieve nation building through character building and we do so through an approach of mentoring."

"In this fiercely competitive world, success has several dimensions far widespread than the vortex of academia, spreading its tentacles into diverse fields on which one has to be adept in. Our objective at Pillai's has always been to create a climate conducive to 'endeavour' so that students can unleash their untapped potential. At Pillai's we will provide you the right environment which will enable you to fulfill all your aspirations and ambitions."

Having been an educator for several years, I keenly support the pivotal, proactive role an educational organization of repute plays in today’s society. Keeping the contemporary global and national context in mind, we, at HOCL School, strive to make the pursuit of excellence a way of life; a habit. We provide a balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow by offering comprehensive education through a developmental approach.