Class 6

Mathematics – Class 6

Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOTS)
Understanding Elementary ShapesIntegersData HandlingAlgebraRatio & Proportion
NCERT Solutions
Knowing Our Numbers (Ex. 1.1)Knowing Our Numbers (Ex. 1.2)Knowing Our Numbers (Ex. 1.3)Whole Numbers (Ex. 2.1)Whole Numbers (Ex. 2.2)
Whole Numbers (Ex. 2.3)Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.1)Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.2)Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.3)Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.4)
Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.5)Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.6)Playing With Numbers (Ex. 3.7)Basic Geometrical Ideas (Ex. 4.1)Basic Geometrical Ideas (Ex. 4.2)
Basic Geometrical Ideas (Ex. 4.3)Basic Geometrical Ideas (Ex. 4.4)Basic Geometrical Ideas (Ex. 4.5)Basic Geometrical Ideas (Ex. 4.6)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.1)
Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.2)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.3)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.4)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.5)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.6)
Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.7)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.8)Understanding Elementary Shapes (Ex. 5.9)Integers (Ex. 6.1)Integers (Ex. 6.2)
Integers (Ex. 6.3)Fraction (Ex. 7.1)Fraction (Ex. 7.2)Fraction (Ex. 7.3)Fraction (Ex. 7.4)
Fraction (Ex. 7.5)Fraction (Ex. 7.6)Data Handling (Ex. 8.1)Data Handling (Ex. 8.2)Data Handling (Ex. 8.3)
Data Handling (Ex. 8.4)Data Handling (Ex. 8.5)Data Handling (Ex. 8.6)Data Handling (Ex. 9.1)Data Handling (Ex. 9.2)
Data Handling (Ex. 9.3)Data Handling (Ex. 9.4)Mensuration (Ex. 10.1)Mensuration (Ex. 10.2)Mensuration (Ex. 10.3)
Algebra (Ex. 11.1)Algebra (Ex. 11.2)Algebra (Ex. 11.3)Algebra (Ex. 11.4)Algebra (Ex. 11.5)
Ratio and Proportion (Ex. 12.1)Ratio and Proportion (Ex. 12.2)Ratio and Proportion (Ex. 12.3)Symmetry (Ex. 13.1)Symmetry (Ex. 13.2)
Symmetry (Ex. 13.3)Practical Geometry (Ex. 14.1)Practical Geometry (Ex. 14.2)Practical Geometry (Ex. 14.3)Practical Geometry (Ex. 14.4)
Practical Geometry (Ex. 14.5)Practical Geometry (Ex. 14.6)
Revision Notes
Knowing Our NumberWhole NumbersPlaying With NumbersBasic Geometrical IdeasUnderstanding Elementary Shapes
IntegersFractionsDecimalsData HandlingMensuration
AlgebraRatio and ProportionSymmetryPractical Geometry
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